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Recruiting for management positions through discreet and direct targeting of exclusive candidates

More than 200 successfully filled positions in over 70 companies

Rethink human resources consulting: a lack of executive personnel is a huge challenge for companies looking to fill positions.

Companies that want to fill the top positions with new management personnel have often already exhausted all their options and may have looked internally for staff that meet their specifications. This means that looking externally for candidates is most often a last resort, as it entails higher investments in terms of time and costs. To begin with, it is necessary to find candidates outside of the company who fulfill the requirements of the position. As they most often already hold a senior position, the next step is to convince the executive of the advantages of the new role.

Lorek Personalberatung knows the needs of large and medium-sized companies as well as of managing directors and high-level executives and brings companies and candidates together. Our focus here is on:

Candidates with unusual skills and qualities

Thanks to our many years of experience and numerous contacts, we manage to identify suitable individuals for your position quickly.

Candidates who aren’t willing to change jobs at first

With the right argumentation, we can convince even those executives who are initially hesitant to change jobs that your position is right for them.

Candidates that routinely reject headhunters

We have the know-how and the methods to effectively address people who normally reject attempts at headhunting.

Do you need new management staff for your company?

We will support you on your search for your ideal candidate. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information and to make an appointment.